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10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

The Hidden System That Shows You How To Find Hot in Demand Products, Buy Them Cheap And Start Selling For 1Ox Profit

Hello Soon to be Mini Importer

You made it here and that’s amazing!
Let me ask you a few questions;

  • Are you tired of buying expensive products from aliexpress
  • Are you tired of buying products but don’t know how to sell them?
  • Are you tired of  paying double the price of your products on your shipping methods like DHL?
  • Are you tired of posting your products on Facebook and Instagram with no one buying?
  • Would you like to know how to sell on Facebook and Instagram the right way that guarantees sales?
  • Would you like to know a proven system that can double  or triple your sales and profit?
  • Would you like to know how to buy products 10x cheaper than you find on aliexpress
  • Are you tired of working with agents and want to buy directly from manufactures and still be able to buy small quantities?
  • Would you like to know are to easily  ship products to your customers without having to worry about doing it yourself?
  • Have you been spending on Facebook ads with no results and want that to stop?
  • Would you like to know how you can keep making money consistently and not go broke doing mini importation?

If  you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then;

This would be the most important message you’d ever receive this year and I am so excited to share this with you. Very few people do what I am about to do.

And this is my first time of revealing these amazing and life changing secrets to the public after 5 years of running a mini importation business.

So if you made it here, then you’re a lucky fellow and I promise I am going to feed you healthy with information you can implement once you read through this page.

I am going to be concise as best as I can.

So I don’t bore you.

In a report by Premium times in 2014, Okonjo Iweala (Former Minister of Finance) told Premium Times that 1.8 million Nigerians enter the job market every year.

don - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

Another report shows that every year the unemployment rate in Nigeria increases. 

See The statistics below

stat - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

Check this campaign…Just within 3 weeks

6,804 shares, over 10,000 likes, 597 comments… resulting to over 300 orders.

All within a short 3  weeks period.

Can anyone beat this?

Image 9 - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

A Secret  Website that is 10X Cheaper than Aliexpress and Alibaba (valued at N9500)

You can’t compare someone who make’s N10,000 profit to another who Makes N2,000 profit from selling the same product.

The secret is how they got their products and how they sell them.

Check this;

option A

ho - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

option B And Written in Chinese

ht - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

option B And Written in English

same 1 - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

Which option Would you prefer of the two? Buy for $14 or $2 ?

Me I will go with option B anytime for $2

And Guess what?

You’re going to have access to 10 of the sites I use

The reason you’d need these sites is to compare prices of the product you want to purchase and get it for the possible lowest price.

Products on these sites are hands down cheap!

Isn’t that amazing!

Some of the sites are in English and products are cheaper there than some of the popular sites like 1688 and taboa that people buy from.

See the images below

This product is selling for $3.90 on 1688 and you’ll need an agent for this

mosg - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

Same product is selling for $1 per piece and it’s in English. You don’t even need an agent to buy this. And I will show you how to do this.

mesq - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

You can’t Go Broke Again With This System

Read carefully, what I share with you have turned the financial condition of so many including mine for the better. This is the power of the internet.

Take a look at the image below

jum - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

This shoe is being sold on jumia for 4,995. and the person has sold more than 1000 pieces.

If You look closely, you’ll see 1585 reviews from people who bought the shoe. Not everyone leaves a review when they buy things on jumia or konga.

I don’t 

Do You?

Now imagine the number of sales the person had done. Let’s just assume 2000 pieces.

And let’s see how much we can get this shoe at 

mak - 10x Profit Ecommerce Blueprint

We can get same shoe, same quality for just N1,032.25 and let’s say to ship one pair, it would cost us N800
That will make it a figure of N1,900

Let’s subtract that from what it’s been sold for on Jumia 4,995-1,900 = 3000

Now, on jumia, you don’t spend on ad that’s why most people list on jumia.

Running ads will make you sell more. That’s the advantage of running ads.

So, at the end of it all, jumia takes it’s fee. Let’s say N1,000. 

Honestly, it’s usually not up to that but let’s use that. This leaves us with N2,000

N2,000 x 2000 pieces sold = 4,000,000 

That is 4 million pure profit.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Let’s do a quick Recap on what You Will Get

  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents and Logistic companies you can pay in Naira 
  • You will get a step by step guide to find hot selling products 
  • You will learn how to create your Facebook and Instagram Ads 
  • You will gain access to an easy to use website builder and step by
  • I will show you how to create videos for your products 
  • You will learn how to manage your ecommerce business 
  • You Will Learn How to design your own ecommerce store 




Total Value: N2,000

Here’s How to Get Access Today At The Launch Discount Price Only Available For The Next 7 Days… And Get Access to The Bonus!

Pay Into Bank Account

Bank Account Name: 
Bamidele Iyanu

Bank Account No: 0164048390

Bank Name: GTB
After you pay kindly send me your gmail id to my whatsapp no or my gmail account

Whatsapp No: 08134922157


After Pay kindly send message me on Whatsapp to verify your payment

Click Here to Message Me on Whatsapp

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